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From eating to nurturing through ingestion pt. 2   2 comments

So what prompts a person to really start making changes in their life instead of just talking about it?  For me it’s middle age…..Like most people, I heard the warnings of older folks ” Enjoy it now because once you hit your forties, it’ll all change. ”  Also like most people, I didn’t really think it would happen to me… Until it did.

Shortly after I turned forty-two, I started noticing that my “love handles” we’re beginning to look more like love handfuls. My mother laughed at me one day when I complained about my increasing weight gain. ” That’s your spare tire dear.” And she gave me one of those knowing looks the older generation gives to those foolish younger ones. The look that says ” I told you so…” Without actually saying so.

Another factor that has snuck up on me ( ok came at me while I held my hands in front of my eyes in denial), was menopause. While I still only have my foot in the door of this blessed change, I am getting to know it and the ways in which it is affecting me.

So now I am 45, 40 pounds heavier than I should be, often tired, achy, lack energy and stamina, irritable…well, you get the picture. Most people would sum it up with ” typical middle age issues.”  Let’s think about that for a minute… Why are those symptoms synonymous with middle age? Why is it considered normal to feel run down and out of shape when we are supposedly ” in our prime” ?

The obvious answers would be that most people suffer from lack of good nutrition, excercise, and mental attitude, right?

stay tuned for what I’ve learned…



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From eating to nurturing through ingestion…   Leave a comment

We all know what eating is…the consuming of food for the purpose of getting needed nutrients, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t why or how most people eat. Most of us eat the foods that taste good to us, in the quantity we want, whenever the desire strikes us. Very few of us actually think about what is in what we eat, where it came from, and what effect if will have on our bodies. I was very guilty of this. I was a lover of the S.A.D. Diet ( Standard American Diet).  Growing up we had pasta every Sunday, beans and hot dogs once a week, fried balogna, cheap, processed foods galore. Fresh fruits and veges were an expensive rarity. I even used to walk around the block collecting bottles and cans to get money to buy candy n soda… All of these things were and still are considered perfectly normal and acceptable by most people’s standards.

Blessedly, over the years, I have learned just how wrong I was by watching how many friends and acquaintances lived there lives. Ever so slowly I have seen where I needed to make changes. And even more slowly, I’ve been making them… White bread turned into wheat, fruit substituted junk food for snacks, yogurt took the place of cereal for breakfast…etc. I started canning, buying in bulk, and cooking more from scratch. I found people to barter with for the fruits and veges I didn’t have time to grow myself. I started reading labels ( scary stuff) and educating myself on the meaning of those long twenty letter words in the ingredients. The more I read, the more I began to understand.

Unfortunately, it came too easy to not take this knowledge any further. A life filled with work, children, spouse etc. kept me busy enough to take my mind off the needed important health changes. Simply put, the same factors that should have been the impetus for change, became instead an excuse for stagnation.

To be continued…

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