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I.    Introduction
A.    First supporting information or detail for the sub-topic
B.    Second supporting information or detail for the sub-topic
C.    Third supporting detail or information for the sub-topic
II.    Just the Facts
A.    Definition
B.    History
C.    Statistics
D.          Future
III.    My Own humble Beginnings as a Natural Mama
A.    Colton
B.    Russell
C.    Niko
D.         Lila
E.          Growth and Conclusions
IV.    Journeys; Natural Births by Women Who Lived Them
A.    Gail Edwards
B.    Melissa K
C.    Elizabeth Smedburg
D.          Dawnah Brown
E.           Carmon Gonzales
F.            Sarah Smith
V.    Birth Professionals; Midwives, Doulas, and Doctors.
A.    Jill Breen- midwife
B.    Elizabeth- doula
C.    Quinn- Doula and placenta encapsulating
D.          Evelyn-Doula, Childbirth and hypnobirthing Instructor
VI.    Resources; websites, books, companies who all have something to offer to those who choose to.



Since posting this, I have spoken with a good friend of mine nad we have decided to change the focus of the book somomewhat. Instead of going with the theme of home birth in Maine, we are going to get more specific and talk about the Path of natural/primal birth in Maine and how it has changed over the years including many women’s choice to attempt (and often succeed) with a natural birth in the hospital. If you have any thoughts, opinions, questions, etc. feel free to share here.  I will be spending more time on this site blogging my thoughts on this and other subjects that come up as I focus on inner growth.


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Testing one two three. Hello Word Press.

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